Stage Door Dance Course/WACE 

Optional Advanced Screen Craft (Discount option as addition to course).

This Course is registered as a WACE Course and it is necessary to attend all classes as timetabled. The only means of failure is non attendance. To satisfy WACE requirements 90% attendance is required and strictly adhered to by Stage Door School. Schools are notified of the student’s attendance and registration is carried out by the school having supplied Stage Door school with the WACE Student number. On completion of the Stage Door Course students are granted full marks for this subject.

Year 11 and 12 students from 2019
* All fees include GST
$5,060 each year – 22 classes (5hrs/wk)/year, part time (after hours) 12 places maximum. Acceptance is after interview and possible audition. See below for additional Screen Craft option.

Course Content – One hour each class of 5/wk – 11 classes per Semester. (Two Semesters)

Designed for those wishing to improve skills and /or Prepare for entry to tertiary institutions. The course is designed for those in their final years of secondary schooling, or after graduation from year 12. The main focus of the programme is audition preparation, with the level of teaching designed to extend the talented student.

The certificate in Dance includes classes in modern and jazz dance, song and dance, ballet, tap, history, repertoire and music skills or spoken voice, improvisation, stage craft and text analysis and audition preparation.

Other opportunities for participation in group work or plays and musicals will arise and are optional but encouraged. Once students enrol for a full time course they have free access to all other classes at Stage Door, after approval and arrangement with the Director.

Fees are payable per Semester @ $2,530 on the first class of each Semester of which there are two per year. Certificates are presented on completion and only on full payment of fees. A $550 non refundable deposit is payable on application. Other time payment arrangements can be made on acceptance of application. Full fees are payable if students withdraw from the Course for whatever reason. This includes the option of time payments.

Dates for 2019, Selected Monday Classes from 4pm, Tuesday and Thursday Classes 4pm till 6.30pm.

Sem 1 Wk beginning, Mar 11, 18, 25, Apr 1, 8, 29, May 6, 13, 20, 27, Jun 10.

Sem 2 Wk beginning, Aug 12, 19, 26 Sept 2, 9, 16, 23 Oct 14, 21, 28, Nov 4.

Optional Screen Craft (Discount-15% option as addition to course).

Two hours of screen acting classes for 22 weeks, may be added at an additional cost of $2,057.This culminates in a Show reel and our presentation to agents for their consideration of signing with them as a client.



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