Junior / Senior Music Theatre Course

The Junior/Senior Music Theatre Course takes place on Mondays after school from 4pm to 7pm and on Saturdays (11-1pm) or Sundays (2-4pm) if involved with the production. On occasion there are extra rehearsals and performances that will be timetabled and notified.

All dates are in line with Education Department School Term dates with no classes on the last weekend of each term or long weekend holidays.

Fees $1,544 each year – 36 weeks, payable per semester or at registration.
Juniors, 8 yrs - 11yrs , Seniors 12 - 15 yrs.

TIMETABLE Classes are on Mondays, 4-7pm, commencing on Monday, July 26th, 2021. Production rehearsals on Saturdays (11-1pm) or Sundays, (2-4) commencing on Sunday 25th July. Acceptance for classes is after an interview and possible audition for musical for casting purposes.

Course Content One hour of each class for 18 weeks per semester. Two hours minimum on weekends for production if involved.

Acting The basics of acting and guidance with monologue technique, script analysis, character analysis, stage movement. Improvisation. (Ihr/wk) Kate Hall teacher.

Repertoire Class New song material suitable for audition. Developing interpretation of different styles. Historical learning by composer, Music theatre history and iconic musicals. (1hr/wk). Ian Westrip Teacher

Dance – 1hr/wk) – at an appropriate level for participants. Seanne Sparrow Teacher

Junior/Senior Music Theatre Productions. From time to time Stage Door will present a Musical (most recently Oliver, Bugsy Malone,) and for Semester 2, 2021, Elf the musical. All fee paying students are automatically involved if they wish, with reduced fees for the production. Non course participants may also join at a fee. Audition is required for casting purposes only. Everyone is accepted.

Children joining the course during the year will be charged pro rata. Note that the production classes have a reduced ($165) fee for course participants. However, those who only do production class, pay for that aspect ($330 per semester, fully payable on registration). Tickets for the shows are $25 per seat, booked on www.trybooking.com.au.

Payment for all courses and classes must be made as arranged and on the first class for student to start classes. There are various means of payment acceptable including credit card debit on a monthly basis for 8 payments (from March 1), after $500 plus GST, deposit and first payment. These are the only options. Payment by class is not accepted.

Full fees are payable if students withdraw from the Course for whatever reason. This includes the option of time payments.

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