Ksenia Arkhipova


Ksenia was born in Moscow and she was devoted to the theatre from early age. She was playing in kids’ theatre from the age of 8 and attended classes of public speaking, poetry, artistic writing and a musical school. Throughout school years she has been writing scenarios and she has been staging her own performances at school and in summer camps, which involved up to 100 people being present on the stage.

When Ksenia was 10, she joined Russian Folk ensemble “Veretentse”, with which she performed on some main stages in Russia, including Kremlin palace and concert hall “Rossiya”. Though these performances mainly involved singing, it was a great school of stage voice techniques, which Ksenia willingly shares with her students. During university period, Ksenia was working on the radio and continued staging shows at universities and at the “Palace” of art and crafts of children and youth in Moscow. Not lacking sense of humour, Ksenia was a part of KVN team of Gubkin university and performed as a stand-up comedian. In Perth Ksenia has written several scenarios for Russian community concerts and plays. She acts as a conferencier, MC and a stand-up comedian.

For Ksenia the focus areas of teaching students drama are:

- Understanding the psychology of the character to be played, which is an excellent skill to learn to understand other people and predict the behaviours;
- Creative thinking;
- Partnership;
- Articulation, pronunciation and strength of voice – which is a great skill for any public speaking;
- Mastery in Russian language;
- Have fun.

“I am trying to give children knowledge which they could be applying in their everyday life”.

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