Opera Diploma Course

New 2023 course!

This new Opera Diploma course is aimed at those who are actively engaged in classical music, whether it is through having graduated a Diploma or Bachelor degree in Classical Music, or through any other training.
This is a one year course which aims to assist those who aspire to go on to further studies of classical music/opera (such as a Masters), either in Australia or overseas.

Through this course, you will receive:

Singing lessons:
o One hour a week
o Focused on further developing technique

o Includes building repertoire for auditions, competitions, oratorio and other works

Acting Classes:
o Two hours a week
o Includes text analysis, stage craft, characterisation and presentation

o One hour a week
o Includes stage requirements for movement and dance (not ballet/tap/jazz)

Music Skills:
o Group lesson focused on improving keyboard skills and musical aural development

Language Classes:
o Includes the development of actual spoken language of Italian, German and French, so that you become much more confident singing and communicating on stage in these languages
o Geared towards conversation and spoken efficiency rather than grammar

o Staged production, either scene or full opera depending on vocal range and casting ability included in the courses
o Designed to practice skills learnt in course and offer an opportunity of public performance to students

Concert Work:
o Individual and group concerts for students to showcase their skills and develop their stage work

Cost: $6000 plus GST (HECS not available) or $3000 per Semester (11 weeks)
Duration: One year

Weekly Timetable: TBA
Semester One: March 13th – June 12th
Semester Two: August 7th – October 30th
(Not including school holidays or public holidays)

Production dates TBA

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