These are messages from parents and students involved in Stage Door School, going on to university studies and the profession. Why they believe we are relevant and helpful to future and existing students.

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“I have been involved in Stage Door projects for many years and the skills, confidence and opportunities I have gained have been priceless. They offer such rewarding programs that help performers (especially young performers) reach their potential and experience professional grade coaching and insights into the industry. I am so grateful for my experience with Stage Door, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!” Beth

“Win a scholarship - learn from Ian Westrip, the leading teacher and coach of singing and performing arts in WA. His lessons, workshops and productions are unrivalled, resulting in superb artists, concerts and the finest performances.” Christopher Waddell

“Ian Westrip is an Inspiration to so many people by his talent and his passion. He is taking the mission for years to support young talented artists in creating numerous chances for them to perform in public. Nothing is good enough to give them many chances. His devoted work and passion are communicative. He has all my admiration and I support this scheme.” Hubert

“Stage Door has provided a fantastic opportunity for my children by providing an inclusive, safe, and fun educational environment for them to explore and develop their performing arts talents. During the 6 years of involvement at Stage Door my children have gained unbelievable confidence in themselves
and have made life long friendships. I cannot recommend Stage Door School of Performing Arts highly enough and will be forever grateful for the wonderful opportunities that Ian has provided and support this scheme wholeheartedly.” Felicity Edwards

“From the age of 9 I have been enthusiastically involved with Stage Door in choirs, musicals, holiday programmes, dancing and singing lessons. I am very grateful as Stage Door not only has improved my ability but has been a great opportunity to meet new friends in a fun environment.” Corrine (age 16)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking singing, acting and dancing lessons for the past 2 years at Stage Door. It has given me many opportunities to perform which has helped me gain confidence and experience in music theatre, the career I hope to pursue.” Jullian (age 17)

“The reason I chose Stage Door was because performing arts always appealed to me and my high school never offered me such a practical course. At Stage Door I was able to get the basic training I needed in music theatre.” Sean – Music Theatre (age 18)

“As a teenager at Stage Door School’s courses, I not only learnt to further my skills in Singing, Acting and Dancing, but I also met wonderful people who I continue to share strong friendships with 7 years on. Now graduating from WAAPA with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theatre and having worked professionally in the industry, I have used many of the skills that I learnt while at Stage Door. I thank Ian Westrip for not only his encouragement but his expertise in Singing which helped me successfully gain entrance into WAAPA.” Chrystal

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